Cheverell Magna Parish Council sits on the first Monday of each month.

Meetings are held at 7.30pm in the Pavillion and all parishioners are welcome to attend.

If a meeting falls on a Bank Holiday, the meeting is held on the following Monday.

There are seven Councillors and a Parish Clerk. They are usually elected but can be co-opted if a particular seat is uncontested.

Council Details
Chris Hall - Parish Clerk
01380 816983
Stephanie Davies Chair
Robert Hayward Vice Chair
Representative on Pavilion Trust
Andy Alexander
Amyas Godfrey
Hazel Simons Representative on Pavilion Trust & WCC CATG
Stephen Pearce

Contacting the Parish Council

A letter or email is the most effective way to raise an issue. This assists with any action the council may be able to take on your behalf.  The Parish Council recommend that in the first instance, correspondence should be sent through the Parish Clerk (by post or via email) rather to an individual Councillor; please note that anonymous correspondence will be disregarded.

There are several ways in which you can draw a Councillor’s attention to a matter that concerns you. In all cases, unless you give express permission, your name will only be disclosed to the Parish Councillors and will not be openly revealed during the meeting.

If correspondence needs to be forwarded to other agencies, the Parish Council may ask your permission to include your contacts details. If you refuse, your details will not be included.

Any elector within the parish may put a question to the meeting about a matter for which the council has responsibility.

You can approach any Councillor directly with your concerns. However discussing complex issues over the phone or face to face is not recommended; the Parish Council would suggest this is followed up with a written summary in order to prevent misunderstandings.

Council Procedures

Any Councillors who have a personal or prejudicial interest must declare it at the meeting and then may not contribute in any way to the discussion or vote.

Code of Conduct

The council operates within a Code of Conduct. This and other policies can be seen by clicking the links above.

Meeting Format

Villagers are welcome to attend all meetings, however, only councillors are permitted to speak during the meeting. This is a legal requirement.

Open Forum

Before the meeting is opened, an Open Forum is held. If you have matters that concern you, this is your opportunity to speak to the council. However, it would be useful if the Clerk could be given prior notice of the issue you wish to raise.

If it is an Agenda item, for instance you have a Planning Application, the Chair may agree to close the meeting to enable you to speak, after which the meeting will be reopened and resume.


The Parish Council is required to comment on Planning Applications falling within the Parish against the following criteria:

• Local Plan for the area
• Village Plan or Design Statement
• Site’s planning history (earlier applications)
• Accessibility / Traffic / Road and parking
• Impact on neighbours
• Whether listed or not
• Archaeology

Please be aware that the Parish Council has limited powers to object to an application. You, as a parishioner have far more leeway to bring in other matters that concern you. Visit the East Wiltshire Planning Portal.

Applying for Planning Permission?

You may wish to come to the meeting to present your case and to answer questions. As this will be an Agenda item, the Chair may agree to close the meeting to enable you to speak, after which the meeting will be reopened and resume.

The council is required to take into account the whole community and their written response will reflect this.

If You Want to Object or Support a Planning Application

• Write to the Parish Council
• Attend the Parish Council Meeting
• Write to Wiltshire County Council
• Attend the Planning Meeting


Whilst planning issues may really upset individuals, any objections will be far more effective if it relates to the criteria outlined and does not rely upon personal views, prejudices and comments.